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I’m 34 and I have fought against my body shape since I was a teenager, ‘cause I didn’t accept it. My life has been full of diets and even if often there were results, unfortunately they weren’t long-lasting. This “teeter-totter” brought me down for sure.

About one month ago, instead, I had a real illumination
an illumination that would let me start to see myself through different eyes and that I would also accept my curves.

Well, yes, the fact is that I have curves, but that’s me, and now I see my body’s potential even if it has curves. I’m curvy!


I’m not saying that “slim = ugly” and “not-slim = beautiful”, actually I just want to share the awareness that other kinds of “BEAUTY” exist compared to the canonical one that today’s society dictates to us.

So, a month ago I began my journey to my complete acceptance. The first step of this journey involves healthy work on the potential of my body to make my curves nicer.

Once the aim was set, I realized that the right way to achieve it would be based only on two fundamental points: eating healthy (respecting my food intolerances), and toning up the chub by exercises. Therefore no more dieting in the strict sense, but a kind of regulation to eat healthy – even if with some “cheat meal”! 😉 – that with the right amount of exercise will allow me to be well.

I’m not reinventing the wheel, or drawing up a treaty for happiness, but I choose to share with you my journey because my illumination has made me happy! It took off a “heavy load” from my stomach, that had been with me since I was 16.

I would really like that all you guys, who are living what I have lived, could throw away your “heavy load” and release your pain. You should just begin to accept yourself, and work to reach your acceptance, with regards to your health. 🙂

Sorry if I’m not going to always  write in English cause I’m not able to (and sorry for my mistakes)… but I’ll try as much as possible, I promise!

See you soon, take care…

Stay tuned!!!

Elena, a curvy girl!


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